Adaptawear Short Sleeve Wrap-Over Dress - Richmond Navy Dot - SAVE

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Adaptive short-sleeve wrap over dress in variety of colours. Ideal for easy toileting, disabled or wheelchair customers


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This versatile dress features a practical design that makes it easy to put on and take off. The front of the dress opens to the waist, providing ample room to slide it over the head and insert the arms and boasts a pretty collar and a high neckline that is particularly flattering.

The back of the dress has an overlap that runs from the shoulder blades to the hem. This clever feature not only facilitates assisted toileting but also ensures that the dress can be easily slipped over the head and pulled down comfortably when the front buttons are undone.

Whether worn for everyday use or special occasions, this Short Sleeve wrap-over dress is both stylish and functional and measures 44" in length.

Fabric:  13% Cotton, 87% Polyester

Care instructions:

Easy machine washes, quick-dry, and minimum ironing required. An ideal dress for the care home environment.


XS - XL (sizes 8 - 26)

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