CareZips Incontinence Dignity Trousers

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Unisex unique trousers specifically designed for incontinence sufferers. Front opening from waist to knees.


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Unisex trousers specifically designed for incontinence sufferers.   

Allows frontal opening from the entire waist to both knees causing a faster and easier change of incontinence briefs for the carers while providing the patient more dignity, more comfort, and confidence.  No need to undress or pull the trousers down. 

Fitted with a unique 3-zip fastening system: two-sided zips from waist to knee and the strategically placed 3rd zip from inside one knee all the way up and down to the other inside knee creates access, unlike any other trousers. 

The two side zips are sewn forward away from the hip bone to avoid rolling onto a zip pull.  Two small snaps are at the top of each side zip. 

The carefully positioned zips ensure that no pressure is exerted on the vulnerable skin during prolonged sitting or resting in bed, thus reducing the risk of pressure-related skin irritations, ulcers, or bed sores.

  • Step 1 - unzip all 3 zippers
  • Step 2 - open two snaps on each side at the waistband
  • Step 3 - fold-down front to knees to more easily access incontinence briefs

Legs are slightly taped for style and to prevent dragging. 

Perfect for everyday wear - versatile in use - for going out, staying at home, relaxing in bed or armchair. 

Elasticated waist.

Made from soft high-quality fabric - 72% polyester, 21% Rayon and 7% Spandex - wrinkle resistant with stretch for extra comfort

Machine washable up to 60 degrees and can be tumbled dried on warm/cool setting. No need for ironing and must not be bleached. 

Leg Length:  29"

Normally available in the following size in sizes (please bear with us - as a result of covid challenges we are currently short of stock in certain sizes):

  • Small - 34" - 36" waist  - Grey or Navy 
  • Medium - 38" - 40" waist -  Navy
  • Large - 42" - 44" waist - Navy only
  • X Large - 46" - 48" waist - Navy only
  • XX Large - 50" - 52" waist - Navy only

Due to the nature and functionality of this garment, please consider ordering one size up for an optimal fit.

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