Men's Trousers

Adaptawear has gained a reputation from Occupational Therapists and Caregivers for its innovative adapted clothing. Our range of men's trousers provides an easy dressing solution for people with limited dexterity or special dressing needs. Our range of men's adapted trousers include drop front trousers, trouble free trousers, incontinence trousers, easy to pull on trousers, elasticated waist trousers, open back trousers and side opening tracksuits.

Our adapted men's trousers are suitable for men of all ages including both for the younger disabled man or for the older man trousers.

The different styles of the adapted trousers each have a different fit. Please refer to the relevant size chart for your chosen style. For example, you may require a medium in the Trouble-free trousers, but this could be size large in the Drop-front trouser style.

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