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1. How is Adaptawear different?

Adaptawear clothing is designed for the special care needs of the elderly and disabled. We have spent a long time listening to ‘the people in the know’ – to elderly and disabled people, carers and occupational therapists in order to develop a range of quality clothing that is unique. Our clever designs overcome some of the awkward constructions of conventional garments making them functional and practical without losing the style and ordinary appearance of the clothing. For example, take an ordinary shirt- we are always hearing from people with arthritis about how difficult and painful it can be to fasten buttons when they are having a ‘bad day’. Carers who assist their residents to get dressed also complain about difficulties fastening buttons when they are wearing gloves. Wouldn’t it be easier to have clothing that avoided this hassle but looked the same? Adaptawear has the solution, it incorporates simple fastenings into everyday clothing making them functional, dignified yet stylish and regular in appearance. Adaptawear clothing takes the hassle out of dressing and put the fun back into fashion.

2. Can your clothes be machine washed?

Nearly all our clothing has been made from materials that are durable and can withstand machine washing and tumble drying. Everything we offer you has been tested for superior durability, ensuring your garments keep their original shape and style for years of comfortable wear.

Some of our garments contain magnets. These are quite small and should not cause any problems with washing.

We also advise that when washing garments containing Velcro style fastening you should always close the fastenings before washing to prevent threads becoming tangled in the hook and loop. We use a variety of types of hook and loop fastening. DO NOT iron on the Velcro style fastening as it will melt.

3. Why are your sizes in S, M, L, XL?

As we get older our body shape changes such that we do not always fit into the conventional sizes that we have always been wearing. Therefore, we decided that using more general sizing would be more helpful when choosing the right size for a garment. Our sizing chart will help you to choose the correct size.

4. What if the clothes don’t fit?

We want all our customers to be 100% satisfied with our products. So, if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase we will endeavour to resolve your concerns as soon as possible. If the clothes don’t fit don’t worry. We will send you an alternative size that will fit better. We want to share the excellent benefits that our clothes can provide, so if you have any queries or need help in finding the right garment for you or a loved one, we have a great team of staff who will be happy to assist and advise you on the right purchase. Call us on 0800 051 1931 or alternatively email us. We look forward to having a chat with you.