Petal Back Open Back Clothing

The Petal Back range is a unique range of open back clothing, which is dignified, comfortable and attractive and allows for ease of dressing for the wearer and nurse/carer, thus reducing stress and pain for all concerned. It provides daywear, nightwear and underwear for ladies and gentlemen without using buttons, studs or Velcro.

Petal Back Clothing is designed particularly for people that suffer from restricted mobility, are bedridden, disabled or require palliative care. The unique “Petal Back” design with generous shoulder to shoulder overlaps and no fastenings greatly assists those who are physically challenged with arthritis and stroke victims together with being a practical option for those with dementia where inappropriate disrobing or incontinence may be an issue. It is serviceable in the implementation of continence programmes and the soft overlaps with no fasteners required help protect fine skin.

  • Petal Back Clothing slides up the arms THEN over the head and folds at the back for complete dignity
  • No Fastenings and No Studs that may scratch or damage delicate skin
  • No lifting is necessary - easing pain and suffering for both the wearer and the carer
  • Durable, high quality fabrics that are soft on skin yet able to withstand industrial laundering - perfect for home and care home wear

This disabled clothing is suitable for elderly or disabled and is the perfect adaptive clothing.

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