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Arthritis Information

How does Arthritis affect the body?

There are 10 million people with arthritis in the UK.

Arthritis usually causes stiffness, pain and fatigue. The severity varies from person to person, and even from day to day.  50% of people with arthritis say the worst aspect is the pain.

Arthritis can make it hard to do the movements you rely on every day to lead an independent life.  People with arthritis experience discomfort in their joints by movement or activities that we take for granted.  Going to the bathroom, walking and standing for long periods of time can be extremely painful and affect the sufferer’s quality of life.

There are about 200 different musculoskeletal conditions. Arthritis is a term used by doctors to describe inflammation within a joint, while rheumatism is a more general term that’s used to describe aches and pains in or around the joints. Because there are many possible causes of these pains doctors don’t often use the term rheumatism and will usually refer to these problems either by a specific diagnosis or according to the part of the body affected. Doctors sometimes use the term ‘musculoskeletal conditions’ or ‘the rheumatic diseases’ to refer to a whole range of conditions that affect the joints. Your doctor may ask you about the following symptoms: the site of your pain (whether in the joint or between the joints), which joints are involved, any swelling in or around your joints which could signal inflammatory arthritis and other aspects of your health, as arthritis can affect other organs in your body.

Arthritis is not just a disease of older people – it can affect people of all ages, including children.  It is not clear what causes arthritis and there is no cure at present.  However there is plenty you can do to manage your conditions and lead a full and active life.

How can Adaptawear help?

The Adaptawear range of discreetly adapted clothing minimises the amount of effort required to get dressed independently or with assistance.

Our Trouble-free Trousers, for example, have side zip openings that extend all the way past the hips on both sides.  This permits the wearer to slide into the trousers with minimal effort.

Our Fasten-Free Shirts and Blouses have discreet Velcro style fastenings so you don’t need to close tiny fiddley buttons.

The Eezee Arthritis Front Fastening Bra is designed to slip on and off with ease.  This front fastening bra is ideal for ladies with limited hand and arm mobility and perfect for arthritis sufferers.

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