All-in-One Night and Underwear

The All-in-One range is designed to make caring easier and more dignified and are the perfect all in one sleep suits for adults and all in one underwear. Not only are the garments comfortable, they are easy to wash and quick drying.

These all in one pyjamas and vest pyjamas are great for special needs all in one pyjamas and incontinence pyjamas and incontinence nightwear. 

These all in one pjs are unisex so suitable for mens all in one pyjamas, mens all in one underwear, ladies all in one underwear and ladies all in one nightwear.

Preventing the ripping of pads & catheters means significant cost savings on incontinence products and laundering. The optional 'Close-up' fastener makes it impossible for the patient to disrobe as only the carer can unfasten the zip.

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